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Commission Rates Received


Class of Insurance

Commission Received

A.R.B. Underwriting Ltd Directors & Officers 20%
A.R.B. Underwriting Ltd Commercial Combined 15%
A.R.B. Underwriting Ltd Employer’s Liability 6%
A.R.B. Underwriting Ltd Motor (Private) 10%
A.R.B. Underwriting Ltd Motor (Commercial) 10%
A.R.B. Underwriting Ltd Public Liability 15%
A.R.B. Underwriting Ltd Property 15%
A.R.B. Underwriting Ltd Professional Indemnity 17.5%
A.R.B. Underwriting Ltd Travel 20%
AIG Europe Directors & Officers 20%
Allianz Corporate Commercial Combined 15%
Allianz Corporate Household 15%
Allianz Corporate Marine 15.75%
Allianz Corporate Motor (Private) 5%
Allianz Corporate Property 15%
AM Trust Syndicate Professional Indemnity 20%
AM Trust Travel 37%
Anthony Kidd Travel 20%
Arachas Commercial Combined 15%
Ascent Professional Indemnity 12.5%
Aviva Household 12.5%
Aviva Motor (Private) 5%
Axa Household 15%
Axa Motor (Private) 5%
Axa Motor (Commercial) 5%
Benchmark Underwriting Ltd Commercial Combined 20%
Benchmark Underwriting Ltd Office 17.5%
Benchmark Underwriting Ltd Household 15%
CGPA Professional Indemnity 25%
Chaucer Syndicate 1084 Professional Indemnity 29.5%
Cover Centre Household 15%
Dual Group Household 20%
Dual Group Professional Indemnity 12.5%
Gallagher Health Insurance Group Commercial Combined 6%
Gallagher Health Insurance Group Marine 10%
KennCo Underwriting Ltd Motor (Private) 5%
Lloyd’s (Channel) Professional Indemnity 20%
Markel 50% & Amtrust 50% Professional Indemnity 15%
RSA Commercial Combined 15%
RSA Office 15%
RSA Household 15%
RSA Property 15%
Volante Professional Indemnity 12.5%
Zurich Insurance Ireland Office 15%
Zurich Insurance Ireland Household 15%
Zurich Insurance Ireland Motor (Private) 8%
Zurich Insurance Ireland Motor (Commercial) 5%
Zurich Insurance Life Life 10%
Zurich Insurance Life Serious Illness 28%
Zurich Insurance Life Personal Accident 5%

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